About Us

The Olive Oil Source Boutique, based in California, is a creation of the top ranked olive oil-related website in the world. Long before olive oil became affectionately known by its nickname “EVOO” in the United States, The Olive Oil Source was providing growers, producers and enthusiasts with a central source of information and products to help promote the growth of the olive oil business. We became the first “social network” about olive oil - long before internet blogs and forums - by bringing people together from around the world who share our passion.

So, it was only natural that customers started asking for advice about where to find the very best “olive-oil related” products in the world. They wanted suggestions for gifts for friends and family, skin care products, products to enhance the home, and of course, companion ingredients that make the most of the best extra virgin olive oils. The Olive Oil Source Boutique was born to answer those requests.

We will always follow the same philosophy that is the hallmark of our business. We will only offer what we personally know to be the very best products we can find - whether it is balsamic vinegars from Italy, soaps from France or extra virgin olive oils from the United States. Please feel welcome to send us an email with any requests or questions you may have. You can trust that your privacy will be respected and protected.

If you are a grower, producer or marketer of olive oil products, you may want to visit The Olive Oil Source's founding site for more information and products that can help your business. For more information about us, please visit About Us at The Olive Oil Source.

Best wishes,
Shawn and Antoinette Addison
The Olive Oil Source Boutique Founders