Olive oil or vinegar bottle custom label shop. Personalize greeting, upload custom photo, create a gift

Whether you're looking for a wedding favor or corporate gift, or your restaurant or retail shop wants to sell its own signature product, you've come to the right place. Create your own custom labeled gourmet product by selecting from a range of delicious California extra virgin olive oils, flavored olive oils and vinegars, glass bottles, and creative labels.

Select The Olive Oil Source's custom product shop below that best meets your needs.

Ready-to-Go and Personalized Party Favors

Party planning and gift-giving is easier than ever at our new Party Favors Store. Ready-to-Go, Do-It-Yourself, and specially-created labeled bottles of oil and vinegar for every occasion are yours for the asking. With a large selection of label designs. 3 case minimum for most products.

Private Label Bottles for Your Business

Restaurants, retail shops, and chain stores - expand your business and your brand by creating a signature product for resale at The Olive Oil Source Wholesale Store: Create Your Own Oil or Vinegar Private Label Bottles. With or without labels. Minimum order 3 cases.

Premium Labels for Your Business

Customize a Premium Label Design or create labels that are uniquely yours. Great for company branding and special events. Contact our Premium Label Designer (susan@oliveoilsource.com or 415.924.0690) today! Minimum order 6 label sheets.

Unique Gifts for Special Someones

Creating custom labeled products as a gift (yourself included) has never been easier than at The Olive Oil Source Boutique: Create Your Own Oil or Vinegar Custom Labeled Bottles Online. With a large selection of label designs. No minimum order required.

Do-It-Yourself - Bulk Components

We would love to help you create a custom product, but if you want to do it on your own, you can order from our selection of oils and vinegars, empty bottles, and shrinkwrap capsules, and do it yourself.

For wholesale orders (min $200): For small orders (under $200)
Oils and vinegars Oils and vinegars
Bottles Bottles
Shrinkwrap Shrinkwrap